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Activity Photos (February 2001)
December Doings in 2000
October - November, 2000
February Frolicking in 2001
Winter Getaway
Snow Stuff!
Table 1
Table 2
Jazz Singer
Line Dancers
Bill & Janice
Coral Reef
Fantastic 50s Janet & Al
Singles on the Move's Marilyn
St. Mary's Singles Treasured Trio
Game night
Frank H. tries a tough one!
Frank E. sets up for Blackjack
First Deal
The game is afoot!
Photos (Main)
Earlier Photos
Night of A Cappella
Glenn, Don, Joan
Don & Lois
Dream Lovers
Charlotte, Pete, Sue
Sue & Marty
Stan & the Dynamics
Maggie & Marty
Stan & the Topics
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Fan 50 Meeting
50-50 winner
January Jaunts in 2001